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The Durbacher Cooperative is a high quality and innovative company that was founded in 1928 in Durbach, a town in the heart of the Black Forest, Southern Germany (Baden). 

 It has been one of the most distinguished companies in Germany for decades. With over 300 members, most of whom are full-time winemakers, the Durbacher wine cooperative cultivates an area of around 330 hectares. 

It is not without good reason that the members of the cooperative refer to themselves as “slope specialists”, since most of the famous Durbach landscapes, such as the Plauelrain, the Oelberg or the Kochberg, have a slope inclination of 70-80%. Under these conditions, the harvest takes place exclusively by hand, and the grapes are subject to strict controls.

The variety of breathtaking wines are a result of many years of experience, an excellent location, and passion at work.
From classic summer wines to the noble rot dessert ones, the Durbacher cooperative has a lot to offer, and always attracts new ones.


Durbacher Edelmann Rosé Sekt trocken.png
062214 Durbacher Plauelrain Klingelberge
092204 Durbacher Plauelrain Clevner (Tra

1 x 0,2L Durbacher "Edelmann" Rosé Sekt trocken (Alk.: 12,0*) - Sparkling rosé

1 x 0,25L Klingelberger (Riesling) QbA trocken (Alk.: 12,5*) - White Wine

1 x 0,25L Grauburgunder QbA trocken (Alk.: 13,5*) - White Wine (Pinot Grigio)

1 x 0,25L Spätburgunder Rosé QbA trocken (Alk.: 12,0*) - Rosé (Pinot Noir)

1 x 0,25L Spätburgunder Rotwein QbA (Alk.: 12,5*) - Red wine (Pinot Noir)

1 x 0,25L Clevner (Traminer) QbA (Alk.: 13,0*) - White wine

*in % vol.

Live event instructions + shipping to UK and Ireland are included. 

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