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About us

VINOGETHER - enjoy Wine together

VINOGETHER came as a result of the distance. We are two young men from the South of Baden, whose lives have taken different paths. Moritz lives in Dublin, and Manuel currently lives between two major cities in Germany. 

We both love spending time in our home regions, but even from afar we share a passion for enjoyment and local wine.

This is ingrained in our family history, who both share winemaking backgrounds.

This is how we came up with the idea of VINOGETHER. A wine tasting with friends and colleagues at the same time, anywhere in the world, but together. 
It is not always easy to be together in person in such a globalized world. However, virtual experiences connect us, and make us forget about the distance. 

The actual idea of Vinogether came spontaneously: One day Manuel was sharing a few bottles of locally sourced premium wine on his balcony with his team - virtually. A delightful evening that every team member raved about for a long time.

However, as nice as the idea of the virtual wine tasting seemed, something was missing: the wine expertise to explain more about the product that Manuel´s team was drinking that funny evening. And so the idea of organising a winery-inspired wine tasting was born but adapted to a virtual format. We wanted to offer an enjoyable experience by bringing people together, but also support our dearly loved local wine cooperative with this project.

Whether it is a team event, a birthday, a company gathering or an anniversary, we are looking forward to hearing from you, and can flexibly adapt to your individual wishes

Whether you would like to get in touch to book an event or just know a little more about us, don't hesitate to to email us at

We are very excited to find out who else shares our passion!


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We take care of your virtual wine tasting experience with interaction and joy.

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